Single Mothers and Single Fathers

Single Parents are everywhere in the world and they are happy to be with their children. Either you are Single mom or Single Father, You should happy with your children, You are the only one living with your child. Give full support to your child.

Grants Opportunities for Single Parents

1. Federal Pell Grant Program(FAFSA)
2. Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants(FSEOG)
3. State Grants for Single Mothers
4. Academic Competitiveness Grant(ACG)
5. The National SMART Grant (Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent)
6. Raise the Nation's Loan Repayment Grants for Single Mothers

Now Happy to know about it, I would tell you how you can get this grants, and you

are eligible or not for that grants.

There are various Government website to help you in this regard like, etc.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Housing grants for single parents

Grant for Single Mothers is the google source of money for them, if you are leaving with with your partner and they give divorced to you now what you can do, you are living in your home.

Housing grant is a such grant which help single mothers to live in a one place with their families and give them financially support to pay their mortgage for thier home. There are numbers of grants available for them so that they can purchase their home too.

1. Nehemiah Foundation

This is a foundation listed in FHA which has been established to give down payment for their home. It provide down payment assistance to single parents, if you want to purchase home and need some assistance for making down payments, you can get help from this foundation. Basically it is helpful for those who want to buy new home.

Website Reference:

2. HUD

Housing and Urban Development(HUD) provides single mothers vouchers for home ownerships. If you also want to participate in the HUD program. First of all you have to register yourself with HUD will give you complete counseling to buy or renting your own home.


There are number of foundation available like HABITAT FOR HUMANITY, State grants, Rental Assistance Program, AMERIDREAM Program, AMERICAN FAMILY FUNDS(AFF), FAMILY HOME PROVIDERS, Future Home Assistance, Newsong, Responsible Home Ownership, Quickdown etc

The above are some foundation from where you can get grants and loans for your home.


When you are in the process for applying any of the grants or loans, you should be prepare for paper work like your social security card, ID proofs, Child Birth Certificate, Driver License, Income tax proof etc. While you are applying for the same, a lot of patience is required for that.

Steps will be through

1. Find the Grants
2. Go through the eligibility criteria
3. Complete the grant application to fill the application form at
4. Talk to your social worker for any information

All the best and keep patience! It takes some time


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